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Jen Poland - Songwriter, Lead and Backup Vocals. Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bells and Mandolin Jen grew up in a musical family in Cleveland, OH listening to her parents and uncles sing and play folk music. She played melodic percussion through High School and began writing her own songs on guitar in college. Folk was not her favorite type of music at the time she began writing her own songs. She mostly liked hip hop, rock, and blues. Her early songs came out very talky, wordy, monotone, and droneish. They were well received in college, and she continued to write songs and play guitar. She then wanted to jam with other people but every time she tried to grab a guitar solo in the musical group she was playing with, they cut her off, so she decided to start to play mandolin. She thought that the higher sound of the mandolin could cut through the sounds and grab solos. This worked, and she began honing her skills on the mandolin though not in the traditional bluegrass st... View Profile
Evan Lieberman - Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals.... View Profile
Matt King - Keyboards, Baritone and Tenor Saxophones, Backup Vocals Born and raised in northeast Ohio, Matt has been playing music in the Cleveland area for nearly his entire life. From a young age, Matt's appreciation for jazz, brought about by the Frank Sinatra on his grandparents’ radio, made the saxophone an obvious choice of instrument. Since the 5th grade, it was his dream to be a sax player. Being raised on the musical stylings of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and many others, Matt saw the ability to fit the saxophone into just about any type of music. While Matt had studied Jazz at The Ohio State University and shared the stage with jazz bands under the direction of Paul Ferguson, Dave Sterner, Ernie Krivda, James Masters, Shawn "Thunder" Wallace and more, his innate love of Rock & Roll left him with a desire to be in a rock band. A fat... View Profile
Eric Nolletti - Drummer Flavorful beats and tasty licks... View Profile