Vince Martin - Drummer - Backup Vocals

International diamond thief and man of mystery Vince was born in the early 1970's on a cold November evening near Cleveland, Ohio. As a boy he got the drumming bug when he was exposed to the rock band KISS and knew instantly that he wanted to do what they were doing and wanted to do it for the rest of his life. His fondest memories are being in his first band as a teenager. He didn’t know anything but had a lot of fun and went on to study under Kip Volans and Ray Porrello and that brought on confidence which fueled his passion to entertain audiences through live music. Many years and many bands later his drumming style and showmanship became a blend of borrowed beats and stolen tricks from such drummers as Eric Carr, Peter Criss, Frankie Banali, John Bonham, Sandy Nelson, Robert Sweet, Mark Zonder, Mikkey Dee, “Wild” Mick Brown, Bobby Blotzer, Scott Rockenfield, Randy Castillo, Darrell 'Dwarf' Millar, Cozy Powell, Tommy Lee, Anton Fig, Thomas Lang, Matt Sorum, Alex Van Halen, Scott Travis, Matt Thompson, Blas Elias, Nicko McBrain, Herman Rarebell, Snowy Shaw, Michael Bland, and the list goes on. Vince has shared the stage with Quiet Riot, Kip Winger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Drain STH, Rik Emmett, Enuff Z'Nuff, Nazareth, Slaughter, The Godz, Ted Riser, Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd tribute) - and many wonderful local acts. Vince likes carnitas burritos. KMD Set-up: Sakae PAC-D – Year – 2017 Color – Tobacco Fade Kick – 16” x 16” Floor – 13” x 11” Rack – 10” x 7” Snare – 12” x 5.5” Paiste Signature 18" Full Crash Paiste Signature 20" Full Crash Paiste Signature 22" Full Ride Paiste Signature 15" Heavy Hi-hats Roc-N-Soc drum throne Silverfox Drumsticks – Size: JX-L Vater Wood Handle Whip Drumsticks – Size: 5B